One day no one came

(This is one of those blog posts that’s much more personal and not so instructional. I’m never sure it really belongs here in the blog but for the moment… it’s here. )
I lead meditation groups in my community. I see meditation as a powerful tool in learning how to reduce stress and live our best life. I organize these groups in hopes of reaching people who might not have had the chance to explore meditation and as a place for meditators to share energy and experience. The attendance is variable, lower in the summer when there’s so much fun, light, freedom and play going on. I never worry about attendance, seeing leading these groups as part of my job as a teacher. Generally, we have between 4 and 20 but sometimes as low as one.
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Find a way to love

friend asked on social media today to share affirmations that have helped me most in life. Her affirmation, “I am enough” encouraged her to start a new business that is blossoming
I pondered the question, as I love to write quotes and have pages of them. But it only took a few moments of meditation to find the one that I wanted to share with her and with you today.
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In this moment is all of your life

a walk in the park is a perfect place to practice mindfulness

Mindful practices to keep you living life in the present
Often when I talk about meditation with people, their eyes sort of glaze over… like I’m suggesting they do “ONE MORE THING” in an already too busy day. There are many ways to put a calming, de-stressing practice like meditation into your life. And who of us don’t need a bit of calm, peaceful loss of stress? Continue reading “In this moment is all of your life”