2020- a higher perspective

If you read through this, bear in mind that I’m not placing myself in some position of authority at all. I have lived my life with this sense ever since childhood that I’m here to help the world to recover, grow and heal. I believe we are now in that time. There is much work to do. I’m sharing what I’ve learned, what is helping me and some resources. May it inspire you, encourage you, lift you to this next level.
with great love
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Love every thing

As a wellness and meditation teacher, I want to share with you what calming practice has taught me. It has shifted my perspective on most everything. I feel like I live in a very different place than I did 20, 10 and even 5 years ago. This new place lets me watch what goes on around me and “most of the time” I don’t have to get pulled into the fray. There’s a peace where I live, a sort of knowing that everything is going to be all right. I wish I could share it with you. I suppose this long, long blog is an effort to try to do that… or perhaps to begin a process of letting you know that there is a really different world available, one where you don’t have to stay glued to the media to survive, one where you don’t have to be filled with fear about your future. Continue reading “Love every thing”


First, I do believe that all the changes, challenges, trials, we are facing today are part of our world evolving and awakening to become a more loving, compassionate, sustainable world for all sentient beings (to me that means all living entities- people, animals, plants, bugs, the planet herself.)

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How to change the world?

We must find a way to love one another regardless.

I know it is not enough to state this simple fact. How can we each take action?

One way is to really look inside our own hearts for places where you and I might draw the line between “us and them.” Which humans do you dismiss as being less than? If the color of another’s skin isn’t your “divider,”then what is? Continue reading “How to change the world?”

How are you?

How are you? I don’t offer any details here about disease, rules, stats or forecasts. What I am here for is to say, “How are you?”

Social distancing for health was a shock to me. Now, you might not know me so let me tell you a bit. I’m the introvert’s introvert. I can function socially and must to teach and lead but given a choice, I almost always choose, ✔️ Hide at home.

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Giving we are working thru some trying times, I’m going to get back to more regular posts sharing ideas and practices that might bring you more energy, health and joy.

One healing practice I’ve been enjoying a lot more lately is using sound to share calm and energy with others. I do monthly sound baths at 405WellnessCanton.com. After a sound bath last night with a small group, I was just so glad. Glad to have a space to share, glad for the souls who came to join me. So I propped my phone up and recorded the RaMaDaSa to share.

This is a Sanskrit chant that is ancient. I prefer to teach chants in English to meditation students but this one is still a favorite of mine because of its simplicity and power. It’s about wholeness, energy and connection.

The recording is on my youtube Channel at                  https://youtu.be/zpbKFKtHBkc


Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

Ra- the sun, a warm and powerful source of energy
Ma- the moon, receptive and reflective energy
Da-  the energy of the Earth, grounding and nurturing
Sa- infinity, allows energy rise up and out, touching Universal healing
When you chant Sa a second time, you pull the healing energy into you.
Say-  honoring the Source, in a personal, secret way

So- merger, true connection of you and source.
Hung is the Infinite, the essence of
creation. (So Hung together means, I am Thou.) The service of thecosmic intelligence is within me.

RA MA DA SA is the earth mantra.

This part of the mantra pulls the healing vibration into the physical plane.

SA SAY SO HUNG is the ether mantra. This part of the mantra resonates with the universal healing frequency.

Sound healing- real, comforting and available

You might have noticed me doing a lot of sound events lately. I’ve studied and practiced sound healing for many years so it all makes sense to me. But if the idea that sound can be healing is news to you, I wanted to take a bit of time and offer some info that might help you comprehend how sound can be beneficial to you- body, mind and spirit. Continue reading “Sound healing- real, comforting and available”

It’s worth a little smile

I’m taking a meditation class right now. Yes, I still take classes. There’s always something new to learn and I find that experiencing the learning process as a student brings fresh insights to me.

In our class practice, we were doing gathas. A gatha is like a mantra but a longer phrase intended to keep the mind in the present moment.* Our gatha included the phrase “I smile. ”

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