Go ride a bike!

I’m a hiker. I love to walk, climbing thru the woods, regardless of season. Well, that’s true most of the time. I struggle in the steaming heat of summer. I step outside the door and feel smacked in the face with a wall of humidity and heat. So… it’s tough for me to motivate myself to get moving. Continue reading “Go ride a bike!”

Let it go

Fall is my favorite season. Cooler weather brings sweaters and wool socks and the feeling of being cozy. Savoring a cup of warm tea- bringing its heat to my hands and warming me within. It’s time to bundle up a bit and take a hike in nature.

Nature is always such a powerful teacher. The trees often “speak” to me if I can slow my mind enough to listen. Continue reading “Let it go”

Green self-care- making you and the planet healthier and happier

First there was self-care, a gentle nudge to take better care of your body mind and spirit. The idea started along with the rise of the civil rights movement and women’s rights. The concept grew that people needed to take an active role in taking care of themselves. Dan Rather opened a segment of 60 Minutes in 1979 with the statement, “Wellness: Now there’s a word you don’t hear every day.” Continue reading “Green self-care- making you and the planet healthier and happier”