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Healing therapies

Working at a wellness center sounds good, right? I tell people what I do and they say, “cool!” But would they come to me seeking help? Probably not because the therapies I work with are not the norm in our world just yet. So, I’m recording short videos on the different therapies to help you understand more about what I do and why these therapies might help you.

Crystal bowls- what and why?

Tuning forks- a powerful sound therapy tool

Meditation and calming- yes you CAN do this

Sound therapy, energy healing and crystals

General introduction to why I do what I do


The selection of meditation videos has grown. My YouTube channel is divided into playlists- some guided, some silent with music or sounds of nature, some 15 minutes or less… some more. I add to the library every week. Check out the online library to practice your calming skills.

Here’s an example of a short 5 minute non-coffee break meditation

articles, notes from class and more

Meditation 101- notes from basic class
When anyone attends one of my groups or training sessions, I send them home with some notes. We’ve all been in that position of totally enjoying a training session but realizing the next day that we couldn’t recall the details. I like to give you the details because your meditation practice is just that… yours. You have to be able to use this amazing tool as you need it. There will be more coming soon. For now I give you this handout that everyone in my groups receives.

30 ways to mindfulness
Adding mindfulness practice to your day doesn’t have to feel like ONE MORE THING?! There are so many easy ways you might add mindfulness to your day or to your family’s day. Here’s a list of 30-something ideas to help get you started.

video training

Mindfulness 101– a basic overview of mindfulness (23 minutes)
I sometimes teach at corporations to help people learn how to calm themselves and live life with more awareness and less stress. This video gives you a little preview of that basic class.

Visit Suni Moon YouTube channel for all video. 





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